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We go by our name “Performance Affiliate Marketing Edge”. We develop multiple software tools to supplement our online marketing efforts. We develop independent web based portals and applications from scratch, centered on various niche markets and retail brands. We use the latest technology throughout the development process, set up the environment on our servers and test it for quality and user acceptance. We then market the portals using all online marketing channels to drive targeted traffic to the portal and increase visibility via branding awareness campaigns.

In this process – we use several competitive intelligence tools and man hours for research, before building out any online marketing campaigns. Following the initial research – we deploy multiple online campaigns using our custom in-house tracking software. We then monitor those respective campaigns closely during the first few weeks (some times months); to tune it for optimal performance, in terms of sales, conversion goals and return on investment. To put it in simple words – we indulge in the complete life cycle of performance based online marketing or affiliate marketing; using our custom developed tools.

Full Service Affiliate Marketing

We offer complete affiliate marketing services and solutions – as a service! We offer sourced affiliate program management services on virtually every affiliate network or platform available. We work with each client based on their goals and roadmap to design a customized program which fits their needs. We set up the entire affiliate program on the desired network, allocate a part-time or full-time affiliate manager to manage the program and recruit affiliates/publishers, monitor publisher activity for compliance with the set program terms, trademark/brand name infringements, work with vendor marketing teams to run promotional/seasonal campaigns and offers for increased sales, etc.

We also offer access to our custom software tools and web applications, for campaign tracking and analysis – to select vendors. Some of our custom tools include keyword research tools, keyword suggestion and multiplier tools, competitive intelligence tools, behavioral targeting and demographic targeting suggestion tools and more. We will be rolling out our final production versions of these tools very soon! While most of these tools will be free, some of them will involve a subscription fee, based on the usage.