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About Us

About Us

PAMEdge is a division of Beyond Management Group that focuses on developing cutting-edge innovative internet based technology solutions and portals that are cost effective and customer centric. Beyond Management Group is an Information Technology management company driven by a core team of experienced and progressive industry professionals that lead a tight-knit, hard working team and are known for implementing solid management practices, construction and project development, development, information technology, internet / web services, innovative solutions / programs and sound operational systems.

Here at PAMEdge, We develop a range of web applications and tools for augmenting the marketing efforts of any company. We also develop several online web portals for facilitating discount online shopping and deals around a wide range of niche markets. Our most recent product under development is the Performance Affiliate Marketing Edge Web Services. It is being designed and developed by PAMEdge – at our regional in-house development office in Boston, Massachusetts. We also have several portals out in production, including WilyDeals, PrintMyPics, Spontaneous Dating, etc. These enterprise web based applications and portals provide a medium to consumers for buying products/services at discounted prices; and a service to major ecommerce companies in the a wide range of market.


Our mission at PAMEdge is two fold: To constantly develop and deliver cost-effective, cutting edge, web-based technology portals and software tools for consumers and business alike. Consumers who use our products and/or services should be able to achieve significant savings on their online purchases and they should find our user interface fairly simple and easy to understand. Likewise, businesses using our products and/or services should be able to integrate our software with their existing technology backend in the simplest modular way, thereby facilitating an enhanced visibility of their marketing campaigns and increased control on several aspects of their business.
We will achieve this two-fold mission by hiring and working with a team of extremely competitive professionals and subject matter experts in the IT/Web development industry. We will constantly strive to develop state-of-the-art technology solutions and augment it with relevant sales/marketing efforts – to reach out to our desired customers and grow.

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